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If you truly cannot afford a mask please use code FREEMASK at checkout (note: this code is for Key West requests only).

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Masks are made with 100% cotton and the pattern that is on the material is completely random. Therefor the look of your mask will be a complete surprise!


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Masks are made with 100% cotton and the pattern that is on the material is completely random and straps are often made from elastic if we haven’t run out. Therefor the look of your mask will be a complete surprise!


Womens, Mens, Mens XL, Kids-Boy, Kids-Girl, Toddler

15 reviews for Mask

  1. Francis Fowler (verified owner)

    Masks are properly made perfect fit which give me a sense of safe protection!! I highly recommend to all!! Thanks Romi and all the ladies who helped to make these wonderful masks , your time n efforts are truly appreciated

    • kwhandmademasks

      Thank you Francis! We are so glad you love them <3 thank you for your support!

  2. Bob & Patti Meyer (verified owner)

    Excellent quality face masks! Love the beautiful designs!!!

    • kwhandmademasks

      Awe thanks Bob & Patti! We are doing all we can to provide high quality masks for our lovely community!

  3. Hannah edwards

    Beautiful masks! And my order was filled super quickly!

    • kwhandmademasks

      Yay we are so happy you love them! And it is nice to hear that we filled the order quickly, we are always worried if people feel we are taking too long as the masks are handmade to order! Thank you Hannah!

  4. Samantha (verified owner)

    We are so appreciative of our masks! Very comfortable and effective. Also made it very easy to retrieve them with proper social distancing practices in place. I was surprised how fast they were ready. Not to mention they are super stylish 😉 thanks again you heroes!

    • kwhandmademasks

      Thank you Sam!! So happy you love them and thank you again for the support!!

  5. Kathy (verified owner)

    Good quality, nice print, and very comfortable. I ordered two women’s mask and a child’s. My son loves his mask and it fits him perfectly!

  6. Adam Brynes (verified owner)

    Grateful to have a mask that is made with good materials and craftsmanship by locals who care. Thank you Romi for working with me to produce a mask that meets my needs!! Bless all of you.

  7. Erin McCarthy (verified owner)

    Perfectly made. Very comfortable.
    It’s great that they’re washable. And locally made is the best

  8. Jen (verified owner)

    Our family loves the masks from KW Handmade Masks. They are stylish, comfortable, and love the colors. Thank you Romi & ladies for all the hard work in making them and getting them to us so quick. We may be back for more!

  9. Jim Brust (verified owner)

    Outstanding product, great service can’t say enough. Thank you

  10. Mike Wilbur

    Festive and well made, will help protect you from
    vile disease but be careful.
    Social distancing is important

  11. Kim Carrier (verified owner)

    Our masks arrived quickly and so pretty. Was able to cash app which was a bonus! Keep it local everyone! Thank you

  12. Fran Molony (verified owner)

    Fast friendly great mask from Maya who I can’t wait to see back at Blackfin when this situation gets better!

  13. KERRY BAKER (verified owner)

    Thank you for the beautiful
    masks! Fast service & high quality! They are very comfortable to wear.

  14. LaRae (verified owner)

    Thank you for the beautiful masks! My toddler and I feel safe and cute wearing them when going out, a perfect fit and we receive a lot of compliments!

  15. Sandi Pearce

    These people were so unbelievably nice and went over the top and out of their way to accommodate us. I can’t say enough enough about these wonderful women donating their time and talent to help others in this tragic time. The mask were well made and beautiful! The whole experience was a bright ray of sunshine during a scary dark time. Thank you!

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